We are a FULL SERVICE construction firm.

Depending entirely on the project and your agenda, Grenview Construction can play the role of your design-builder, construction manager or general contractor.


Grenview Construction’s design-build approach provides single source responsibility for design and construction services, thereby reducing client risk and overall cost. We use the design– build approach for your project as a way to best satisfy your vision, budget and schedule. Our design-build process allows us to analyze the cost of construction during early design phases. This allows us to guide the design process in a more focused way while providing more accurate and budget driven estimates.

With design-build, you only have to manage one relationship throughout your entire home building or remodeling process. This ensures good communication, clarifies accountability, and minimizes unforeseen problems down the road.


As a general contractor, Grenview Construction will provide a cost estimate for the construction project that has been designed by your architect, designer and engineer. In this role, we are responsible for the means and methods to be used in the construction execution of the project as we work closely with all involved in the construction process.


For clients who prefer a much more hands on approach to their projects, Grenview Construction can assist you as necessary in the building process serving as your professional advisor from start to finish. We provide clients with first–-rate construction management experience and intuitive leadership from concept to completion. We work in partnership with architects, designers, engineers and subcontractors to deliver successful projects. We can effectively and efficiently impact project costs and schedule while providing a full extent of construction services from the earliest stages of the design process through warranty.